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Vince Schwidder

5 strategies to win by sharing

Vince Schwidder

The first open source project we launched created huge spikes in traffic to our website and generated new projects. The first internal workshop we completed resulted in a room full of smiles and inspired minds.

Our knowledge base is an amazing resource for new employees. Ex-interns reviewed us by saying “I learned more in 5 months at Yummygum than 3 years at school”. We’ll share some of the secrets on the value of sharing your knowledge and skills, how to strive for a mindset that enables you to share more, and strategies to determine what you should share.

Vince Schwidder

Vince spends his days managing a digital product building team as Co-Founder & UX Director at Yummygum. He has a Persian cat called “Klontje”.

By working 10+ years in the tech industry as a co-founder and designer Vince has built up experience from many angles and levels of the industry. Completing projects for 125+ clients from 17+ countries taught Vince the challenges of running a design agency, and how to ensure your clients and employees are and stay happy. Putting his team and users first is a daily goal Vince pursues.

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