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Design & Front-end Conference

Thanks for your enthusiasm in 2019!

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Our story

We love to bring people together and share knowledge. After a successful first conference about design & front-end development in Groningen, we are pleased to announce our second edition.

Refresh Conference 2019 was a blast! 💚

180 attendees, 13 speakers & 1 host

More photos made by Aljan Scholtens.

Our venue

The Aa-kerk

The Aa-kerk

The lovely Aa-kerk is a historic former parish church in the centre of Groningen.

The tower is an easily identifiable landmark in Groningen. There is little green space near the front of the church, which are great for a rest or eating lunch. It's easily reachable by foot, car and public transport.

Website The Aa-kerk (external website) · Google Maps

Photo made by Johan Wieland under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic.


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