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About us

Refresh is a Groningen based, nonprofit, community-driven initiative by techies, nerds, and designers who work for leading development and design companies.

The first Refresh Meetup was organised in 2014 as a way to exchange ideas and knowledge. Since then, over 25 successful and well attended meetups have taken place.

In order to help this maturing ecosystem grow even more, we are organising Refresh conferences where designers and front-end developers from the region and beyond can come together.

Code of conduct

For the conference we want a pleasant experience for everyone, that's why we have set up a code of conduct.

Code of conduct


Thanks to these awesome companies and organizations, we're able to make Refresh happen!

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Initiatives we love

Groningen has many great initiatives that we embrace for sharing knowledge and who are supporting diversity in the field of technology and creative industries.

Awesome meetups

Women Devs GrunnJS Refresh meetups


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