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Job van Achterberg

Job van Achterberg

Human Determination:
The Methods and Ethics of Automated Turing Tests

You're familiar with CAPTCHAs getting in your way. But why are they such a ubiquitous security measure to begin with? Why are there different implementations, and which problem are they attempting to solve? During this talk you'll learn how these "Human Interactive Proofs" came to be, how they're still evolving, and why they are a bad solution to the wrong problem.

Job van Achterberg

Job is a long-time software developer and volunteer firefighter. He's had a long stint with Perl, which he will talk to you about after a glass of scotch. He loves working in digital accessibility and co-organises the occasional Dutch "Inclusive Design and Accessibility" meetup. He likes conversations on psychology, religion, morality and ethics.

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